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Latifat Ogungbo

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2026


High school

Jordan High School

I am a science nerd! Science has been my favorite subject for the longest time and I hope to have a science or biology related major in college. Basketball is my favorite sport, but I run track as well. I also absolutely love cooking and will try out any new recipe I get. Finally, I LOVE reading historical fiction books. They're so interesting to me and always keep my attention.

Independent Project

In school, our assignment was to create a program that virtually exhibits anything or solves a problem. For example, a game! That's why I chose to create hangman, a well-known game, using python.
Food to Music
Code Next Project

I was thinking of a fun correlation between food and music and decided to make a game that would display music based on your food prefrence.
Password Generator
Independent Project

In school, our assignment was to help battle account hacking by creating a password generator that will generate a strong password that would not be easy to guess, but still easy for the user to remember.