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How does {Code Next} work?


Code Next students join us for programming (either through our physical Code Next Live labs or through our online program, Code Next Connect) to learn about computer science and problem solving. They become creative, computational thinkers.


Students develop into confident, purposeful makers as they engage in both solo and team projects during our programs, which are after school and on the weekends. They produce websites, programs, and other demonstrations of their learning and interests.


Through community relationships, mentor-mentee relationships with real Googlers, and other courses, Code Next students mature into effective and ethical leaders, ready to take on the world.

Code Next is a free, computer science education program that meets Black, Latinx and Indigenous high school students in their own communities, and provides the skills and inspiration they need for long and rewarding careers in computer science-related fields. Between 2011 and 2018, Black, Hispanic and Indigenous college students each only made up 3.5 percent of computer science graduates — Code Next plans to change that.


Percentage of our most recent 12th grade graduates accepted to and attending college/higher education programs.


Percentage of our most recent 12th grade graduates majoring in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) field in college.


Percentage of our most recent 12th grade graduates specifically naming “computer science” or “information systems” as their major.

So much! Participants engage in curriculum, learn from coaches, and drive their own projects–such as designing and programming a robot and 3D printing an Android chess set. After months of learning, students become creators of technology that they can share with their community. They also gain access to Google mentors, tech experts, and the latest in technologies, from laptops to virtual and augmented reality.

Both! We have our Code Next Live program, consisting of live labs in a few cities across the United States, and Code Next Connect, a fully online program open to students anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. See more below under “What We Currently Offer.”

If you’re interested in creating your own Code Next-like experience, access our free curriculum here!

Code Next Live

For students who prefer in-person experiences, we currently have three labs, located in 1) Oakland, California, 2) Chelsea, New York, and 3) Detroit, MI. The Oakland and Chelsea labs are run and managed by Google. The Detroit lab is run by Google and based at the Michigan Central train station in partnership with Ford. Our fourth lab location, Code Next Inglewood in Los Angeles, California, will open in 2024.

Programming is available for 9th-12th grade students who live in the areas around the labs, and cover topics from rigorous coding to entrepreneurship. To learn more about our Code Next Live programs, check out our application FAQs.

Code Next Connect

For students who live outside of our lab cities, our Connect program is our online program for high school students across the United States and Canada. Connect consists of various clubs that students can apply to be a part of, where they engage in lessons with real Google employees. Club topics range from game design to hardware development.

Programming is open to high school students anywhere in the United States and Canada, though we specifically target 9th-10th grade students. Clubs happen three times a year: fall term, winter term, and spring term (we break for summer). To learn more about our Code Next Connect programs, check out our application FAQs.


The Code Next staff brings together coaches experienced in education, computer science, and engineering. Coaches represent our students' backgrounds and work to create a culture of inclusion, where everyone feels respected and connected to one another.


This work isn’t possible without our partners, who do incredible work in our students’ communities. Below represents a small sampling of the nonprofits, research organizations, and schools that we have worked with and/or currently work with.

Logo for The Unity Council.Logo for the MIT Media Lab.Logo for a ELiTE Education.Logo for Education Development Center.Logo for Students Rising Above.Logo for The Door.Logo for Kurani.Logo for Raspberry Pi.Logo for Giant Machines.Logo for Michigan Central.Logo for Code 313.Logo for Hollywood Park.