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Christine Onianwa

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2024


High school

Cinco Ranch High School

Hello! My name is Christine Onianwa and I’m in the class of 2024. In my free time, some of my hobbies include playing cello, playing tennis, and learning about astronomy and astrophysics. In my free time, I also teach coding lessons to students at my local junior high. I am so grateful for my time at CodeNext, during which I was able to learn the importance of sticking with a project and seeing it through to completion. I learned from so many talented Google employees and other speakers about topics from debugging to college, stocks, and financial literacy.

Bountiful Baked Beauties
Code Next Project

Website for a fictional bakery. I made it with some help of a partner and we made it to showcase our love of baking while spreading knowledge of some of our cultural foods.
Black Moms Project
Independent Project

My project is a website providing information about the Black maternal health crisis. I chose to create this website because as a Black woman in STEM, I believe that I have a duty to do all that I can to spread awareness to this issue so real change can begin.
Code Next Project

A simple video game. I made this for my CodeNext p5JS class.