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Iyonawan Adonri

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2026


High school

Little Elm High School

Hi, my name is Iyonawan Adonri. I would describe myself as ambitious, open-minded, and collaborative. At Little Elm High School, I am the Class of 2026 Student Body President, a member of DECA, and multiple committees. I love to volunteer and with my passion for software and technology, I hope to major in Computer Science, become a Software Engineer, and help minority students break through the tech world in the near future.

World Cup
Code Next Project

I created a single player soccer ping-pong game. The World Cup was taking place during this time and it was the inspiration of this game. Soccer is often seen as very difficult and simple. As soccer player, we tend to stress ourselves over complexity, but we must realize the simplicity and find joy in the game of soccer.