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Brianna Williams

Oakland, CA, Class of 2022


High school

Oakland High School

Hi, I'm Brianna, but I go by Bri. I am 16 years old and a junior at Oakland High School. I'm a fun and open-minded individual who enjoys learning new things and interacting with new people. I also am an activist for social justice and an ally for the LGBTQ+ community. I joined Code Next towards the end of 8th grade and I've been with them ever since. When I joined Code Next, I was skeptical, and I wasn't sure how it would benefit me in the long run. But my journey with Code Next has not only expanded my knowledge in tech, but has also helped me find out what I want to study in college. Hopefully after I graduate from OHS, I will be able to attend SFSU. There, I would like to study marketing and branding. I am so thankful for all that Code Next has done for me and all that it continues to do—not just for me, but also for my community.

Explaining the "Angry Black Woman" Stereotype

Independent Project

This is a video I made as a class project focused around the topic of BLM. The path idea I decided to tackle was the myth of the Angry Black Woman, since I am a black young adult female myself with a strong female lineage. This video is to educate and explain the struggles of a black woman in America, and to show that yes we are angry, but we are so much more as well. The video isn't meant to offend any one but to bring awareness to the topic.

Air Free & Free

This is the first big project I've done at Code Next, it was actually a group project with some of my closest friends for hack-a-thon. Its not perfect but it was the beginning of something special. The reason I chose this was because of the impact it had on my future. After coming in third at Hack-a-thon for this site and attending CSSI I got really into creating websites. My knowledge came in especially handy because ever since then people have been hiring me to create websites for them. The project was such a big moment for us that we actually created a tester app for it, and it means a lot to me.