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Zaynah Kashif

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2026


High school

Huron Heights Secondary School

Hi, My name is Zaynah! You'll usually catch me reading, or baking treats to share with friends and family. I'm an avid coder, and want to pursue a career in STEM in the future. When I'm not coding, I like painting, playing badminton, and trying to play Studio Ghibli songs on the piano.

Independent Project

I did this as part of a competition called Technovation! I worked with a team to build an app that would help highschool students in our community manage and learn about their finances. We added features like making budgets, tips, as well as goals. While we were only in the early stages of developing it, we decided to pitch it at our Technovation community event and won the Best Pitch Award!