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Vamsi Pasumarthi

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2022


High school

Alliance Academy for Innovation

Hi my name is Vamsi, and I'm a rising senior at the Alliance Academy for Innovation. I'm doing the Aerospace and Computer Science pathways at school with a focus on Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Systems. I'm a programming mentor for FTC Robotics at my school and also a Code Sensei at my local Code Ninjas. I love helping people realize the things they can accomplish with code.

Weather App
Code Next Project

This project is weather app that pings a weather server and parses through the returned file to obtain a certain code. This code corresponds to an icon, which is then displayed on the Raspberry Pi's SenseHat LED Matrix. I decided to make this project after learning how to use external API's in the second half of my Python on the Pi course. I learned about the Internet of Things and how devices communicate using code.
Physics Simulation

This project is a physics simulation where all the variables are user customizable. There is even an option to draw out the path that the ball is taking. Also the user can drag and flick the ball around the canvas. This was made in order to simulate how a ball might behave in the real world. I decided to make this project after learning about collision detection and physics engines in my Creative Coding course.