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Emiliano Gonzalez

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2022


High school

West Windsor Plainsboro High School South

Hello, my name is Emiliano Gonzalez, and I am currently a High School Senior. I am a strong-minded and passionate individual who enjoys learning new things and interacting with new people. I joined Code Next at the beginning of 11th grade and am grateful for the opportunities and knowledge I have learned. My time with Code Next has not only broadened my technical knowledge but has also enabled me to network with individuals who share my interests in the field. My ambition is to work as a Software Engineer, not only to develop new technologies but also to diversify the IT business. I believe that my experiences as an immigrant and a member of a minority group in this country have given me a unique perspective, and I want to share it with the tech world.

Intro to Web Dev: Music Sharing
Code Next Project

I created a website to because I really enjoy music and wanted to share my taste in music with the world. On this website I have added a plethora of music genres and artist that I enjoy listening to. My hope for this website is to create a space were people can share music and expand their repertoire.