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Merelis Peralta

Chelsea, NY, Class of 2021


High school

The Bronx High School for the Visual Arts

My name is Merelis Peralta and I'm born and raised from the Bronx. I'm a creative and artistic person who surprisingly found a liking and passion for coding that now wants to pursue art and coding as a career.

A car's view in the future
Independent Project

(My project is the example yall put lol) I chose to do this project because I wanted to challenge my creativity from the one I had a few years ago when I first thought of this idea. This idea came from my design challenge when I first came to Code Next and even though it was just a quick design, I wanted to create it into something more. I wanted to fully visualize it and show that design to others and let them think, "Wow, could this really be used in the future? Would I be seeing this building on the regular and use it myself?"