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Pranathi Gorty

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2024


High school

Wilson Preparatory Academy


Hi, I'm Pranathi Gorty! I have many interests and passions such as programming, coding, crocheting, making henna designs, arts & crafts, designing, and even writing. I'm also really interested in the brain and I hope to become a doctor in the future, incorporating computer science into it. I am a traditional girl, but I’m most certainly not afraid to try new things. I believe in keeping the old but learning and implementing the new as needed.

Independent Project

Rise is an app that brings physical and mental health support solutions in one central application. Rise includes a calendar to keep track of deadlines and important dates to an activities page to relax and relieve tension, to even a support page for health contacts. Rise strives to assist others in their daily lives to educate and relieve any stress or problems they may be facing. Our team wanted to create an app that could be of use to everyone in our community. With the impact of COVID-19 on students and adults and the constant increase of stress and mental health problems with the ongoing national and global crises, it was clear that something needed to be done. Our team was inspired by these problems to create a solution for everyone and anyone to use.
College Atlas
Independent Project

College Atlas uses user selections to sort and filter over six thousand post-secondary institutions to generate a custom list of matching colleges. The application then allows the user to look through matching institutions for information such as tuition, geographical location, and other campus information. If the user finds a college they want to learn more about, they can save colleges to be viewed at a later time. Our team's inspiration to make this app was students. With a few seniors in our team of five, we quickly realized that searching for and finding colleges can be intimidating. With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, we realized that it was even harder to gather information about colleges as it is hard to meet with college advisors. We utilized this as an opportunity to help. We wanted to assist students that were in the process of searching for colleges, especially those that didn’t have a lot of time.