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Yaritza Gonzalez

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2024


High school

Donna North High School

Next steps

Carnegie Mellon University

Hi, My name is Yaritza Gonzalez and I am an incoming college freshman majoring in Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon University. Through high school, I have participated in numerous web development competitions which has fueled my curiosity to create websites and experiment with different languages. Google Code Next has helped me learn different areas of CS and allowed me to pursue them by learning new languages and skills like Java, Python, and Arduino!

Breakbeat Code - The Geometry Dash
Code Next Project

The Geometry Dash is a beat that I created with Earsketch using Python. It's called the Geometry Dash because the beat reminds me of the game because of its fast paced beats. I enjoyed creating this beat because it created a great blend of creativity and coding which is something that I see myself doing during college and beyond!