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Vaishnavi Gornale

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2024


High school

Jamesville-DeWitt High School

Vaishnavi Gornale is a junior in high school. She loves to travel and has lived across continents, from the edges of the Last Frontier (Alaska) to the bustle of the IT Capital of India (Bengaluru). She loves music and plays multiple instruments, including the violin. She also enjoys writing and is currently in the process of having her debut novel published. Vaishnavi was lucky enough to participate in Code Connect Next her sophomore year of high school and was able to follow her passion for technological advancements. She is dedicated to pursuing social causes with the aid of technology. Her vision is to use technology to provide underprivileged people access to knowledge and education that is otherwise only accessible to the privileged. She is also a fervent advocate for other global issues such as climate change and systemic discrimination. Feel free to reach out to her!