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Sharif Hamza

Chelsea, NY, Class of 2022


High school

Herbert H Lehman Highschool

Hi, my name is Sharif. I recently turned 16. A few interesting facts about my self: I love playing soccer. It was a passion at one point, but computer science took my heart, and I later realized how fun it would be to have a career in the IT field! Thus, this is my journey of learning more languages.
Independent Project

So, in Team Edge we were in the midst of learning about the basis of web development. We were rather focusing on the front end of web development. And we learned about API's and how it helps people gather data and use it for either personal or business related projects. So I searched around the web and stumbled upon a few cool projects, where they make a cool weather app or just a program that allows you to see the weather. And it all uses API to gather data and tell you the weather. So I was very tuned and I wanted to implement the API I stumbled upon myself and use it to create my own weather application.!/weather-io?path=index.html%3A1%3A0