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Bella Gomez

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2022


High school

The Hun School of Princeton

Bella Gomez is a junior at the Hun School of Princeton in Princeton, NJ. An active member in her community, she serves on her school’s environment committee and student council, running events on and off campus to promote civic engagement and awareness. Passionate about the world and her place within it, Bella’s most recent endeavors have included: using her newfound love for computer science to develop a computer algorithm that calculates risk analytics on the crisis in Yemen and starting an organization with her peers called “EEE”, a web platform that provides original K-8 curriculum to public schools on the climate crisis. Apart from project work, Bella is an engaged member on her soccer and lacrosse teams and enjoys volunteering, cooking, and spending time with friends. Bella is passionate about service work and relief efforts and hopes to work in humanitarian aid after college.

Data Analytics on the Crisis in Yemen
Independent Project

I chose to complete this project because I am really passionate about humanitarian issues and shining a light on social issues that have gone under the radar. The crisis in Yemen has been occurring for over a decade now, and and Yemeni's are suffering. I encourage anyone capable of donating to donate to the following sites: Islamic Relief USA: UNICEF USA: UNHCR: