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Flor Torres

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2025


High school

Vista High School


Hello! I'm Flor Torres, a Google Code Next Student Engineer. I'm passionate about technology and enjoy diving into coding challenges. I'm always eager to learn and grow. Here at Google Code Next I am in an inspiring environment where I feel motivated to push boundaries, expand my skills. My goal is to make a meaningful impact in the tech world.

California Parks
Code Next Project

Project focused on redesigning regional park website of California. It is one of the first website I created. It was part of Google code next project to reference a website and recreate it.
About Me
Code Next Project

This is an about me website consist of two pages "About Me" and "Hobby". This is first website I created and designed. It was part of the Google Code Next assignment of creating own about me websites. I enjoy creating this website because it allowed me to explore creative decisions and learn website coding html, css.
Superposition Measurement
Independent Project

Project was artwork for Quantum Course I took. This artwork code showcases a fun way of seeing qunatum particles being measured when in superposition, in where they are in different places at the same time and once they are measured the particles collapse to a location when mouse clicks on preview box
Flicker ball
Independent Project

This was first project I created with p5js. It was meant as an exploration project. If you move the mouse around the objects follow. If you press mouse then the items change color and shape.