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Daniel Hernandez

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2022


High school

Alliance Leichtman-Levine Environmental Science and Technology High School

Next steps

Dartmouth College


Hey everyone! My name is Daniel (he/him) and I’m from Los Angeles. My projected course of study is a major in computer science and perhaps a minor in Mandarin at Dartmouth College. Recently, I wrapped up my participation in Google's Code Next Connect program. My experience in the program is one I consider to be invaluable. It is the primary reason I am eager to pursue computer science during my post-secondary education. I love the problem-solving aspect of coding environments, especially because students in Code Next Connect are encouraged to prioritize a hands-on approach to specific tasks. What was most rewarding about the program, however, is that I found a cohort of peers with which I had the freedom to make mistakes and pair program. The connections I made during my time in Code Next Connect are ones I know I’ll continue to cherish and maintain in the future. Also, I love listening to music any opportunity I get to. Many of the artists I listen to include Kota The Friend, Kendrick Lamar, a few Steven Universe soundtracks, and J. Cole. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been practicing Mandarin my entire life and have become fluent in the language. More recently, one of my larger ambitions has been to publish a book, but I’m still roadmapping my ideas! At Dartmouth, I’m interested in exploring the DALI Lab and hopefully prototyping a resource that can create a positive impact. Cheers! Daniel Hernandez