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Jadesola Oloniyo

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2026


High school

Pullman High School

Hello! I'm Jadesola, a sophomore at Pullman High School and an aspiring biomedical engineer. I’m interested in bioengineering/biotechnology. I intend to double-major in biomedical engineering and computer science in college. Through my passion for coding, I'm able to bring ideas to life and contribute to medicine. Harnessing skills obtained from Code Next, I plan to take necessary steps to achieve my goals. Giving back to my community in Africa, I hope to conduct research on possible cures to Ebola made possible through Biomedical Engineering. Pushing the boundaries of technology can help ignite ingenuity pioneered by young minds, like myself.

Wildlife Ventures - Website
Code Next Project

My first club was Intro to Web Dev. I showcased a landing page that appealed to wildlife enthusiasts. I wanted my landing page to be a platform that connects people who share a common interest in wildlife. I believe that by promoting appreciation of nature and animals, it can help spread awareness on animal endangerment as well as environmental conservation. Something I found challenging was getting my image carousel to be functional. Thankfully, I fixed the problem with YouTube tutorials and help from my coaches.