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Shana Sah

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2022


High school

Mill Creek High School

I'm Shana Sah: a creator, adventurer, and a thinker. Originally from Bangalore, I moved to Georgia during sophomore year of my high school career. As an art enthusiast, I enjoy anything and everything that expresses my creativity. This ranges from coding to painting, anime, music, and travelling. I hope to become a UX/UI designer so I can combine my passion for problem solving and design!

Retro Synth
Code Next Project

I employed while loops to create my own beats using EarSketch, a python-based program. This allows one to mix tunes and an API database to make a short sample for any genre of music. This was a project I had to work on while exploring beats in Code Next.
The PokeDex app
Independent Project

During finals week in my APCSP lab, I decided to work on building a PokeDex App as a fun project to showcase. This app replicates the "National Pokedex" that can be seen in the infamous Pokemon anime. I used Javascript and UI/UX building tools to create the layout. The Pokedex App takes in simple user inputs to display a Pokemon of your choice!