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Farrah Berry

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2025


High school

Trinity Episcopal School

Hello! My name is Farrah and I'm a junior in Virginia. I love trivia and baking with my family. At school, I am a student leader of the Robotics Club, co-founder of the Motorsports Club, and officer of the Science Society. I also am on the Varsity Girls Basketball team and play the tenor saxophone in my school's jazz band. I want to double major in mechanical and aerospace engineering, yet I will also like to explore computer science and business in college.

Song Remix
Code Next Project

This is my final project for breakbeat code. I used python to experiment with sounds on EarSketch where I found ways to combine multiple functions of music theory and coding.
Bouncing Ball Demo
Code Next Project

This is a demo that I have done for my Creative Coding class. I am writing JavaScript code with p5.js. Through its references and examples, I am learning how to create animations.