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Krystal Carranza

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2024


High school

Godinez Fundamental High School

Hello, I am Krystal! I am very interested in many fields of technology, mainly computer science. I tend to spend my time playing the piano, swimming, rollerskating, and coding. I am very introverted and a little shy but I can talk with anyone about my favorite shows. That being animated series such as Gravity Falls, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Hunter Hunter, and Studio Ghibli. I am always open to make new friends even though I'm shy. I love exploring and learning, taking in any knew facts and knowledge that crosses my path. I really enjoy learning about tech and I hope you can see some of my work!

Scuba Scuba Mini Game
Code Next Project

I decided I will be doing a basic game. Based on the new concepts taught in Creative Coding I am able to add sprites into a game based design. I went above and beyond because we started off with basic art to animation and then I will be applying these skills into a game. My game is somewhat like a Mario or Flappy Bird game. The concept is to continue going up platforms without falling. While this project might still be in progress, I will continue to add in a shark. So beware of a pointy fin and hope it doesn't bite!
Web Design for Books
Code Next Project

My love for books has brought me to finally make a website dedicated to them. I coded a really basic website that showcases a online library. My favorite part of the website is my hero-image, especially when scrolling the image is exposed all the way to the bottom. I really enjoy my showing when I create websites.
Activism for Computer Science
Independent Project

My first ever website I built was with the Girls who Code program. I am really passionate about computer science and it's something that is hard for me to get a hold of. In my community I have not experienced the privilege to have a computer science course at my high school. Which is what motivated me to built this website. I really wanted to spread the word and speak up for other students and people across the globe who are also experiencing the same problem. Which is why I created an informational website about computer science in under represented communities as well as providing some resources on how to make a change.