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Micah Nkrumah Ardayfio

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2023


High school

St.Albans School

Hi, my name is Micah Nkrumah Ardayfio and I have been involved in computer science for over 7 years. I founded a blockchain open internet non-profit that aims to improve the world through decentralized technology. I have led several PhD research teams and have several patents pending in areas from encryption to swarm artificial intelligence.

Independent Project

Velera is the first internet architecture that is open, decentralized and scalable. It is an evolution to web 3.0, laying the foundation for the era of the Symbiotic Web. The current web 3.0 is a disconnected and fragmented ecosystem that lacks symbiosis between people, machines. and the virtual world. Velera is building the backbone of an end-to-end web infrastructure that bridges the gap between the physical and virtual world.