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Thanhthanh Nguyen

Oakland, CA, Class of 2022


High school

Connecting Waters East Bay

Thanhthanh is a junior in high school who has been interesting in coding and STEM from a young age. After attending Stanford AI4ALL in Summer 2019, she became particularly interested in AI and its applications. She has finished two AI projects: one at AI4ALL and one with a mentor, who is a software engineer at Google. Currently, she is working on a Machine Learning project analyzing handwriting for the Machine Learning club at Google Code Next Oakland. She is also working an independent drone project. In the future, she would like to work in AI and start her own start-up.

Implementation of the Research Project/Paper "Frowning Frodo, Wincing Leia" and a Seriously Great Friendship: Learning to Classify Emotional Relationships of Fictional Characters"
Independent Project

This Natural Language Processing project classifies emotions from works of writing (for training and testing purposes, I used samples of fanfiction) to determine whether they are positive or negative. I chose to do this project to learn more about NLP and AI.
Grocery List — A Code Next Team Edge Final Project

This is a grocery list app which can be used on multiple devices simultaneously. Users can make multiple lists with grocery items and save them, and the data get sent to Firebase for other users of the app to access. I chose to do this project as my Team Edge final project because I saw a need for shared grocery lists in my family. During the COVID-19 pandemic, my family did the grocery shopping for my grandparents, so they frequently contact each other to make grocery requests and confirmations.