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Sanaayah Velasquez

Chelsea, NY, Class of 2021


High school

Health Opportunities High School

Next steps

City College

Hello, my name is Sanaayah Velasquez! I'm a high school senior and a part of Code Next. I love coding, reading, writing poetry and painting. I plan to publish my first poetry book before I'm 20, and go to City College next semester. I hope to be a Software Engineer or UX Designer, and I hope to one day come and contribute my services to Google. in my free time, I love playing video games, examining code behind certain video games, and just playing my ukulele.

Pass on Plastic
Independent Project

A team of students and made a reactive website about the dangers of how plastic affects the environment and what you as a normal person can do to stop the build up of plastic!

This was a short interactive website I made in my spare time! It's a website that hosts ice cream and I like to edit and play with it a lot mot only for it' improvement but to figure out different ways I'm able to make it colorful and pretty! It's not interactive but it has basic HTML and CSS within it. Enjoy!