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Emily Espinoza

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2022


High school

Lanier High School

Hi, my name is Emily Espinoza! I love technology and art. Ever since I discovered the art aspect of technology, I've grown curious to learn more about intertwining these concepts into a visually appealing product. This curiosity has led me to aspire to be a UX Designer. I'm also passionate about helping first-generation/low-income students, and I believe I can use UX Design to improve the lives of students who don't receive enough support in school.

Plagiarism Animation
Independent Project

My project is a short animated film about a high school student, named Jake, that is struggling with his mental health during the COVID pandemic. I chose to do this because I was really curious about making an animation and it so happened that I was offered to take a capstone in my junior year. Making this animation has definitely made me much more passionate about art and technology.