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Nasrin Ali

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2021


High school

Charles Herbert Flowers High School

Next steps

George Mason University

Nasrin is an incoming freshman at George Mason University. She is an avid community volunteer who loves coding and fashion design. Some of her volunteer projects include SnakPaks for kids and Care Packages for Cancer in partnership with Howard University Hospital. She is an alumnae of Columbia University Girls In STEM and Kode with Klossy (where she built her first app ‘Growing Up Girl’). Nasrin was also a 2021 winner of the NCWIT award for aspirations in computing. In college, she will pursue a degree in computer science and later work with AI to develop technology for cancer patients to honor her late grandmother who was a victim of cancer. She also hopes to launch a clothing line and dig deeper into the intersection between AI and fashion design. Nasrin is signed with a modeling agency and dances ballet, which she hopes to pursue further in the upcoming months.

Race to Graduate
Code Next Project

Game where you collect books and A+ papers in order to graduate, I created this to commemorate my senior year since we didn’t get any senior activities.
Growing up Girl

An app solely dedicated to providing girls with advice and support.