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Oluwashindara Olatosi

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2026


High school

Hammond School

My name is Oluwashindara (Shindara) Olatosi, I enjoy reading, and I have a strong passion for music and science. I play the alto and tenor saxophone in my high school band and guitar and piano at home. My dream is to be a pediatric orthopedic doctor or pursue any medical field. I have beginner coding experience, but I love it already and hope to learn more. I also do swimming and track, my favorite event to swim is backstroke and my favorite track event is either shotput or 100m.

Help with Bullying
Code Next Project

It is a website that is currently still in progress. I made it because I have meet people who have been bullied and have been inspired to help them and spread more awareness so that it doesn't happen to others.!/help-with-bullying?path=index.html%3A1%3A0