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Aisha Qureshi

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2022


High school

Plano Senior High School

Hi! I'm Aisha Qureshi. I'm a Senior at Plano Senior High School. I'm a passionate student in Computer Science with experience and extensive education in software design, web and application development. I'm multilingual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I'm also a fast paced learner with time-management and multi-tasking skills. I have strong work ethic in a team or individual settings to drive product success and process efficiency along with strong problem-solving skills with an analytical mindset.

Math Quiz Game
Independent Project

This project was designed using Python programming language. It is a multiple-choice quiz game which consists of 6 math questions. Variables are used to store the number of questions answered correctly. If-statements are implemented to check if they have chosen the correct answer. If they did, it adds one to their correct variable and displays a message; otherwise, it prints that they got it wrong. It also displays the score after each correct or incorrect answer. Furthermore, the purpose of this math quiz game is to improve one's problem-solving skills and be fun to keep the user engaged until the end of the game.