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Victor Osunji

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2022


High school

River Hill High School

Next steps

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

My name is Victor Osunji, and I am attending University of Maryland, Baltimore County to study computer science. I love to play games, watch anime, and play soccer for fun. I am interested in computer science, specifically: software development, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. I’ve learned some coding languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I’ve also competed in The Future Business Leaders of America Networking Infrastructure competitive event and placed 8th. I love to problem solve and I plan to continue exploring computer science.

Code Next Project

I created a 2D game using JavaScript. In my game you can use the space bar to jump, the arrow keys to move(left/right/jump), and the keys "z,x,c,q" to attack. The goal of the game is to dodge bullets shot by a tank. Every time you dodge a bullet your score increases by 1. If you get hit by a bullet, a hurt animation plays and your points are reset to 0. I chose this project because I love playing games and I wanted to try something new.