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Skyler Lin

Chelsea, NY, Class of 2022


High school

Saint Vincent Ferrer High School

Hi, my name is Skyler, and I am a computer science enthusiast that is always open to learning new things and taking on challenges! I enjoy creating 3D models on my free time, debugging code on Replit, and juggling school & swim. In the future, I aspire to become a game developer creating unique lines of assets that are ready to implement in game.

3D Study Room
Independent Project

I designed a 3D space in Blender 2.91 featuring things I love and the room setup I would like in the future. Everything in this project has been originally created by me using tools, modifiers, and more. My sole purpose for making this is to develop better skills in the software overall and improve.
Little League Coding

An ongoing project to help expose children ranging from ages 5-10 to the realm of coding for free. Successfully set up a website, contacted interested parents, and hosted a few sessions for 80+ eager learners.