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Shrikar Gandhesiri

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2024


High school

Sayreville War Memorial High School

I am a sophomore at Sayreville War Memorial High School and I love to code. I am intelligent, unique, collaborative, and respectful. I work really well with a group of people and love to learn new things.

Climate Change
Code Next Project

I chose this project because climate change is becoming a bigger and bigger problem each day. It is limiting our essential supplies and will annihilate the human race in the future. It is predicted that in 11 years Earth will no longer be able to withstand the harsh conditions, bringing it to an end. This is important to consider because we need to take care of our planet to prevent any future disasters and devastating consequences.!/cyan-mountain-driver?path=index.html%3A78%3A320
Ball Catch
Independent Project

This is a game that entertains the user, where he uses his mouse to catch the ball. It gets challenging because after a certain score the ball falls down faster. This is one of the first games I made and it inspires me to make a cooler and better game which I can publish to the public, with more advanced coding and creativity.