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Jonathan Figuereo

Chelsea, NY, Class of 2022


High school

Academy of Innovative Technology

My name is Jonathan Figuereo. I am a Junior in the Academy of Innovative Technology. I am taking Game Design and Web Design as my main CTE classes. I am passionate about coding and hope to continue doing it for my future or as a hobby.

Playlist Project
Independent Project

This project is a playlist of songs and allows the user to input their own songs with an image and link to the song. Also, I used local storage so that the users playlist can still be shown even after they close the page. I did this project because it was given to me by my teacher, I took a few extra steps such as the local storage and using bootstrap to make it look better.
Gradebook Project

This allows the user to input their current grades and will calculate their average, median, how many classes they are passing and failing, their letter grade and their college scale grade on a 4.0 scale. It will also color the grade based on whether its passing, failing or nearly passing.,output