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Anjelina Jasso

Connect (Online Program), Class of 2024


High school

South Hills High School

My name is Anjelina Jasso and I was born and raised in West Covina, California. Currently, my dream is to work at Spotify as a back-end developer, as I find so much happiness through both computer science and music. Although, if I later change my path to become a materials scientist, that could work too! I see these jobs, not as dreams, but as real potential opportunities now thanks to Google's Code Next Connect program! Code Next has offered me a chance to learn how to code and create my own websites (I took intro to web development as my first class at Code Next), as I had no prior computer science knowledge. I now find myself saying "I like to code!", when someone asks about my hobbies. In Code Next, the teachers were incredibly interactive, and made sure we understood every topic that was being taught and demonstrated. Through this pandemic, I've realized that teaching, as well as learning online, is not easy AT ALL! I currently volunteer at an after school tutoring organization called "Kumon Math and Reading". I've been enrolled as a student in this program since 4th grade, and just recently completed the entire math curriculum, which goes through AP Calc BC. As I'm starting to become an online tutor due to the pandemic, I realize the stress that teachers go through, therefore I respect Code Next teachers on a whole other level. Not only has Code Next taught me computer science skills, but Code Next has taught me how to work together with people to create magic through technology. Code Next has also taught me plenty of leadership skills - as class president at my school, I must show leadership through everything I do. Code Next has given me confidence which has helped tremendously at school. Before Code Next, I created three different clubs at my school (a tutoring club, a club for freshmen to make connections, and a music appreciation club), as well as partake in other clubs such as GirlsWhoStem, Women Empowerment Student Association (W.E.S.A), and Activism Club (a volunteering club). After having been in Code Next, I can say with ease that my newfound confidence has allowed me to better manage students in my club and take better control of more meetings. To end things off, I am and will always be beyond thankful towards Google's Code Next Connect program, and every opportunity that has come with it, but most importantly, I owe it all to the Code Next teachers and volunteers, because without them, this program would not be possible!

Doja Cat landing page
Code Next Project

In my group I was put in for my web development class, my two other groupmates were absolutely obsessed with Doja Cat, so when we were trying to brainstorm ideas for our landing page, the only thing that came to mind was their mutual obsession with Doja Cat! Though this is not some type of program that will someday change the world, this was my first ever website I made, and in the end I am super thankful I was able to create this landing page.